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Myself Jenifer Batson, I have been into designing Rugs and carpet. The beauty of rugs and carpets has been attracting me from years. The researches of many years have now been consolidated with my designs. I would love to share my ideas with you through my blog.

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Thursday, May 6, 2010


“Beauty in things lies in the mind which contemplates them.”_ David Hume
Modern rugs are an emblem of sheer magnificence and exquisiteness. These are new interior styles of home decoration designs, which are hallmarked by clean, straight lines, and an uncluttered look.

Modern rugs complement today’s interior designs and inspirations. They are very trendy and hip. Such an art excites the senses to a pleasurable experience.
But for amateurs, it is a bit tricky to distinguish between a traditional, transitional, and modern rug. To make it clear, we can categorize them within pattern, design and colors.

• Traditional carpets: The patterns in traditional carpets are very basic with heavy borders and dense fringes. Such carpets can easily be identified, as they hold a very formal look.
• Transitional carpets: Basically, transitional carpets are a blend of traditional and modern carpets. The patterns can be experimental. Sometimes they may fashion a border or fringes, or both, or simply nothing. Such carpets can best suit a home, which holds an amalgamation of modern and traditional decorative furniture.
• Modern carpets: Modern carpets personify clean and uncluttered look. These carpets do not have fringes and heavy borders. The carpets are chic in style.
• Traditional carpets: The designs in traditional carpets are very common like floral, damask, etc. These motifs are set in a proper format, which give a formal look to the carpet.
• Transitional carpets: The motifs in transitional carpets may vary. Transitional rugs can be better explained as traditional motifs with bright colors or modern motifs with subtle color combinations.
• Modern carpets: Very hip and modish designs can be discovered in modern style carpets. The carpets are every neat in look and the motifs incorporated are elegant.

• Traditional carpets: The colors seen in traditional carpets are very basic like red, black, and navy blue. You can find very royal and flamboyant carpets that can suit best to a formal set up.
• Transitional carpets: The colors in transitional carpets are bright enough. However, they are pleasing to the eyes.
• Modern carpets: Modern rugs and carpets are very vivid, and incorporate bright and dashing colors.

This change has proven this saying wrong. The saying is, “The best and most beautiful thing in life cannot be seen, not touched, but are felt in the heart”. Today modern technology has brought drastic and dramatic changes in the taste and choices of people. The houses have been transformed to ultra modern and posh à la mode. You can titivate your contemporary dwelling with modern rugs and carpets. Modern rugs can be epitomized as “A subtle sense of sophistication”.

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