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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Cleaning of rugs and carpets is a very tedious job, but is really important for endurance. This article will facilitate and inspire carpet lovers to maintain their master pieces.

“The rugs make the home a place where it feels right to walk around without shoes”.
Carpets are an emblem of standard residential dwellings worldwide. Carpeting is an eternal investment and it is essential to maintain the rugs and carpets for their endurance. Carpet lovers take lots of measures to keep their rugs and carpets beautiful, such as not allowing foot wears. These small tactics may help to keep the floor coverings clean, but these restrictions do not work in high- traffic areas. Thus, a thorough cleaning of rugs and carpets add life to them.

How to judge that your floor covering needs cleaning?
Basic cleaning, such as vacuuming cannot reach to the root of the knots, the resting place for dust. There are few universal ways to judge that the floor covering is dirty. First, kick the back of a corner of carpet, if a thick dust cloud appears the cleaning is required. And second, hold the pile and fold it facing upward so that the pile opens along the line of knots. If the foundation of the pile is dirty you need to clean the rug. Sometimes you can easily judge just by vigorously rubbing hand for a few seconds on the rug.
Vacuuming is one of the way by which you can take out a lot of dust from the floor coverings. And it is must to vacuum the rug or carpet from both the sides’ at least twice a week. This can fluctuate according to the amount of traffic on the carpets. Small mats on the entrance at the doors even catch a lot of dirt and help in keeping rugs and carpets clean, these mats should be kept clean.

There are several methods for cleaning rugs and carpets, few are mentioned below:

Powders: Powder type cleaners are sprinkled on the rug surface for approximately 15 minutes. Interestingly, the powder based solvent attracts dust and grim out of the rug. Since powder is already a dry agent it doesn’t need any drying time. The carpet can be vacuumed or brushed to clean.

Shampooing: The rug or carpet is cleaned with a rug shampoo or mild liquid soap. It should be tested on a corner first, never use strong detergent as they may ruin the texture. Brushing firmly will help to smoothly remove the dirt. Rinse thoroughly with running water, squeeze properly and leave flat to dry.

Foam: There are two prominent foam types for domestic and professional purpose. The home foam is mixed with water to create a solvent which is sprayed on the rug surface. Once it dries up, the powder-turned foam can easily be vacuumed.

Bonnet Cleaning: Bonnet cleaner is a type of rug cleaner which is a heavy-duty absorbent pad. Actually, it uses a spin pad which is fastened with a low paced rotary brush. The pad is soaked with the cleaning agent which is rotated against the surface. This rapid rotating action helps in collecting dirt but doesn’t let it penetrate deep into the fabric. Ideal for long loop or high rugs.

Spot Rug Cleaner: Spot rug cleaners are vaporizing sprays specially formulated for smaller stains. Such aerosols are applied directly and aptly dried.

Steam Cleaner: Also known as ‘Steamvac’, steam cleaner utilizes a method of emitting tiny steam particles combined with a cleaning solution, onto the carpet. Brushes and hose attached with the device help loosen grim, and clear off soiled particles.

Moreover, you can seek professional help for cleaning your master pieces. Professionally trained these cleaners can take the best care of rugs and carpets considering the age, the fiber and the depth of the dirt. There are number of professional carpet cleaning companies that work to restore the beauty of your carpets.

Thus, it is important to know your carpet to take good care of it. Numerous websites are selling rugs and carpets, and are making profits. But only few websites are educating people about rugs and carpets, one such website is Carpetandrugpedia.com. This website is an encyclopedia of rugs and carpets and shares great information about floor coverings.

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