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Friday, October 8, 2010

Jaipur Rugs’ new launch, ‘Jaipur Rural Tours...…back to basics’

Jaipur Rugs Company is a globally recognized manufacturer and exporter of rugs and carpets, embellishing the world with its exquisite creations since three decades. Company’s new venture is turning to be the latest buzz in the tourism industry. Jaipur Rural Tours (JRT) is a company launched with a motive to bestow the travelers a sojourn that is one of its kinds. We all are familiar with the number of tour operators and packages prevailing in the market, providing all fancy packages. These extremely target on facilitating the travelers with accommodations, food and activities like sightseeing, animal ride, etc. What they actually lack is, that true practical experience, which one can feel being at a beautiful ethnic village.

Mr. N.K. Chaudhary, Chairman & Managing Director of Jaipur Rugs, is fond of rich and rural culture of Rajasthan villages and is constantly striving to upgrade the deprived communities. He believes with such an exposure one can be a part of heritage and traditions intact in villages.

Jaipur Rural Tours…back to basics is conceived to let travelers experience the authentic village activities. Observing the manufacturing process is far more beyond than performing the same. Over here at Narhet along with the JRT team one can actually participate in making mud pots, handicraft items, rugs, etc.

Narhet village, Thanagazi block of Alwar district, Rajasthan, boasts an interesting history of more than 500 years, situated at a distance of about 60 km from Jaipur. It lays on Jaipur-Delhi highway, surrounded with Aravallis, one hour ride and you are there to relish a mesmerizing stay. The village is all set with basic amenities and loaded with a number of things to do. Through this venture, tourists and visitors can be facilitated to visit many authentic villages of Rajasthan, filled with aromas of charcoal fumes, combined with camel caravans and enthralling performances by traditional dancers and singers.
Jaipur Rural Tours mission’s to extend the reach and benefit travelers by enriching their visit with rich glorious culture of rural Rajasthan, benefiting a closer encounter.

URL: www.jaipurruraltours.com


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